Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Calculating Life!

 Blogathon- Count down # 27

  This is a guest post by  one of my best friends  privy trifles .  Her blog is my favourite one. Whenever I come online, I do check her space , to know what she had wrote recently. sometimes, if I don't find a new post by her, I feel disappointed. Sometimes I wish, if she could write more than two posts each day (actually I wish there will be new posts, whenever I check her page). I am really proud of her for being such a nice person, a great motivator(In such a younger age!). She writes so many things to live a happier and fruitful life. Me also started following her rules about life. Now, I can say that, my own view towards life got changed.  When I started my Blogathon, with out, any hesitation, she had made a nice guest post for me. "Thanks a Ton", Privy; for all the mental support, for such a wonderful post, and our friendship. cheers!!!

Off late I am on a weight loosing spree. Trying everything under the sun to shed a few kilos. Though I am not fat or something like that but suddenly I have been wanting to entire the size zero bandwagon. You could blame it on the oh-so-perfect-hourglass-figured people around Me for that. So before I could crumble under the pressure to look good, I thought of doing some random googling on this and look what I found -

~On your weight~
It’s nothing but a number that matters entirely too much too many.
A number that doesn’t tell the world how many lives you have touched.
A number that doesn’t tell the world what your passions are.
A number that doesn’t tell the world how your eyes sparkle when you smile,
A number that doesn’t define you in any way whatsoever

I came across this though HERE.How true are these lines!! On second thoughts we are actually habituated in giving undue importance to so many numbers other than our weight. To believe me you need to check out the list below:

Age – Let’s be honest here it really does not matter how old you are unless you are applying for some government job which has age limitations. I can be a sixty year old with a heart of 16 year old or vice versa… It simply does not matter. Our age is only what we feel.

There is no rule book in this world which says that you are expected to behave like this when you are X years old. Though I agree in our society we do have a lot of people who are quite known for doling out free advice on stuff like’ You are A years old, does this kind of behavior suit you?’ But I choose to ignore all that as according to Me age and behavior don’t go hand in hand anywhere.

Height –Now now before you people call me selfish for including this.. please read why I did that. I know people who are short always envy tall people. But believe Me guys its pretty lonely out here at the top. You feel left out in many gatherings where people stand in a close knit circle to talk. You are made to stand last in the row. You can not take up the role of a girl in a play / dance program because you are given the boy's role. And the worst part is I might never be able to hide myself when I hug someone unless I find someone who is atleast 6'4"! 
Believe me , there is nothing in the height. I know I would do anything to be short and I am sure same would be the case with short people too. Its just that the so-called -well wishing aunties and uncles think of it to be of utmost importance while actually it is not justified. It is just a number - too over rated for its importance. 

Number of degrees – This is one thing which I feel is highly overrated in our Indian Society. How qualified you are seems to define your identity which is utterly wrong according to Me.
Remember Chetan Bhagat’s 2 states? In many of the South Indian communities your GPA scores are displayed as medals and trophies while searching for your life partner. I have also been rejected so many times because I am not an engineer. My question is – does that anyway make me a bad person? Are you marrying a person or hiring someone for your company? What should matter is the person’s nature, understanding and maturity rather than the number of degrees a person has.

I am sure each one of you remembers that episode of Satyamev Jayate which was on female foeticide. A doctor from Delhi was thrown out of her house for having conceived a girl, while actually she was married into an entire family of doctors. So now tell me, does qualification guarantee the character of a person?

By saying all this I don’t mean that education is not important. It is very important but let’s not chase it and make this entire process a rat race. Let’s enjoy what we study, remember it because we want to and implement it because we feel we can make a difference. Just like the movie 3 Idiots!

Scores - I remember when I had scored a distinction in my 10th Standard board exams my dad was very disappointed. He did not even distribute sweets or tell anyone that I had cleared the exams with 78% score. In his office his colleagues had children who had scored 95% and topped the board, because of which he felt embarrassed to share my scores. I felt very humiliated as I was constantly reminded of my failure and how I had ruined my future with my own hands. 

It’s a different story that those children today are very much around me doing almost as  good as / better than me but not miles better for sure. Nobody asked Me what was my score when I gave interviews, the only thing they were interested in was my capability.

Money – However much riches you gather in your life, if you left all alone to enjoy them. Money cannot buy you happiness and neither can it take away your loneliness. What can, are you loved ones ~ friends and family.

We are so used to leading a calculative life that in doing that we sometimes miss the magic that life is all about.In dieting we miss enjoy the small pleasures of our favourite food, in scoring well we miss out enjoying our play time, in adding to our qualifications we miss out having fun with friends, in growing up we miss out our childhood and in gathering all that money we miss out living.

We do all this to live a happy life but in the end that is the only thing we don't seem to do. So at the end of it all, was it really worth it? No... is the only answer I get!

Ah! It feels so much better now...As now, I have finally put all those numbers behind Me, including my weight. Currently I am only interested in the number of Rasogullas in my plate and number of Pani puris I intend to have this evening.....!


  1. I always wonder, how do you find such interesting things... Its very interesting dear..thank you so..much..
    Me too so worried about my weight. It is too..too low..I am trying different things to gain some weight. But, no any good results yet..


    1. Hey Sikha, thank you so much for such lovely words.. you are really too sweet to have written all that :)

      I am actually flying on the 7th sky after reading all those nice words for Me!!!

      I am glad I could make a difference through my words!

      I could think of this maybe because I am also worried about my weight and have been constantly facing the brunt of various numbers that seem to rule our lives.

      Thanks for including my quirky post in your blogathon - I am honoured!!

    2. Check this out here:


  2. Couldn't agree with this post more. Especially on the degree point. I don't have a degree yet I'm still in college! But the way some teachers gauge us based on our marks is surprising.
    Our society is way twisted in this segment and I've always believed that even if a person is a school dropout but if he has made a life out of something he is capable of honestly and he hasn't hurt anyone in the process, that person is much much more respectful than a smug engineer or doctor who hides behind the facade of his white collar job while he accepts dowry shamelessly!
    Lovely post.

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Precisely.... Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates..all Harvard dropouts but they have made a name for themselves... which is very important. To leave a footprint of yours on this world and make a difference. But sadly our society gives important to all other things rather than this... we need educated donkeys who would slog away all their lives and do nothing unconventional.

      Thanks Anisha, glad you liked this post!

  3. I second every thought that is written here. Yes calculation make us go mad. And int hat madness we miss the happy perks of our life. Regarding the weight issues, I would say if facing any health problems or any thing harming life then definitely lose and be fit NOT fat. Looking good is how you feel from inside and not from your clothes.
    Lovely post. And lovely host! :)

    1. I agree if the weight gain is health based it is a problem which has a solution. But if it is to fall into the trend of size zero then it is a concern which has many repercussions.

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!


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