Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Abnormal' or 'Ab - normal'..?

Blogathon- Count down # 2

            Me go to college by our college bus. It is just  30 minutes travel  from my home. When I get in the bus, and settled near a window, I will be having the outside view, if nobody is near me to start any talk. Sometimes, I will lose myself in some thoughts. Yeah, I am such a crazy thinker..
            Some weeks ago, I came to see something different during my travel. I have seen a big house, named ‘ Ramanattumalika” on the road side itself. The thing, that caught my eye was the board which was kept near the gate. Something was written on that. But, I was not able to read it from a running bus. But, one day I really made it!! And you know, what was written on that?
            That read like this- “ Anybody who enter this house should switch off your body parts above  your neck by themselves”..I was just surprised. My mouth wide open.. and so as my colleague’s. What the..?[ imitating ASR in IPPKND in starplus].
            I am sure, you all may are wondering reading this. Me then enquired my bus mates about this. Most of them were already aware of that. And  here is the summary of what they told me- There lives a man alone by himself. He is not mentally normal. Sometimes he appears in-front of the house in a long kurta- pyjama and wearing big sunglasses. He is very tall,..abnormally tall. Sometimes he is found sitting near the gate. His wife is a doctor, and his children are also in good positions. But, they are not with him. He is alone in that big house. Everybody were saying about him just like a joke. But, I felt so.. bad. I have told them, ‘Oh, what a poor condition. We never have to laugh at such an unlucky person”. But, my own mind got changed when I heard about his flashback.
            That goes like this- He is a criminal, who just got out from the jail less than one year ago. He was accused and  punished on the murder of his own brother, for the huge money and property to which they were the share holders. And his brother who got murdered was a murderer by himself!! He killed his own father. That too for money. Oh! What a family!! May due to his abnormality in mental condition, he have got the concession on humanitarian ground and that may have helped him to get released from the jail.
            I got really shocked. I never thought such kind of people are there near my place. All the pity I had just before hearing his past, had gone by then. I don’t know, whether he deserves it.
            On another day, we have seen him infront of his house, with pure white kurta-pyjama and black colored glasses. But, there was something else that made every one laugh. In the court yard there were a large number of long pyjamas hanging!!! Surrounding his house, there were a lot of pyjamas in different colours. Most of them were in white. One of my colleague exclaimed “ Oh, this guy has got this much clothes?!!!!. Everybody laughed at this, and within no time, we all reached college. Everybody started their works. Me was thinking..”I he really mad? I mean, is hi abnormality is real? Does he deserve pity?”. I don’ know.. better, I leave that topic, and stop thinking about that...

      Is he 'abnormal' or 'Ab-normal'. [ In Hindi, 'ab' means 'now']



  1. :D

    Loved this take on things. The way you used the word to make it into two different meanings is superb!

    1. Thank you dear. The finding a title of the post was a little bit difficult. I had to think it for some time. Glad you liked it.

  2. Starting of this post reminded me of my own college bus rides from kottayam to pampady... but when teh story took a turn, it reminded more mf our old Mughals and their ways of getting power and wealth. Anyway, nice to hear stories back from home...

    1. Hi Ether,
      Happy to know that, you are a keralite. Thank you for your nice comments..


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