Friday, January 27, 2017

Coming back...

It's a long time since I wrote anything here. What made it so long,?I don't know.A lot had happened in my life after my last post.
I got married, (to my love) and got busy in my life..the busy girl became more busy when she became a, she is not just a grown up girl..A matured woman,a responsible daughter in law,a dutiful wife ,and a affectionate mother...
To enjoy the bliss of motherhood fully, I have quit my job.My baby needed me the most then. Now she is 1 yr and 10 months old..I have restarted my tuition+coaching centre near to home so that she can come with me ,and be comfortable there.
Now, it's the time to get back to blogging ...
Actually I was writing posts in my other blog 'Notebook', which is not a personal blog. I still don't know what stopped me from writing here..anyway, I want to come back.  I haveJust went through my older posts, which made me even surprised that those were written by me?!!!


Monday, June 16, 2014

My new hobby- Jwellery making

   I have started jwellery making. Couldn't go for any courses to attend, but there was a lot of sites that helped me...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A cute girl..

 I woke up late, as I am still suffering from fever.. I feel tired.., so no tuition,.. As soon as I woke up, my little cousin came to me. He had got two three pieces of irregularly cut glass. He wanted to make me paint on it. (I am really happy hearing like this from these kids!! even though I am not that much good in this). Actually, that was a single piece of glass with a small cut on one corner. He tried to make it even. And he tried to shape it. You know how? He broke it with a stone.:) , Anyway, he was waiting for telling me he need  
a girl's picture to be made. I asked him why, but he didn't tell. Ok, even if I was not feeling good about my health, I just tried to make a simple one.. And when I completed the outline, he came and said he liked it..and it is supposed to give to his girlfriend. Oh these kids nowadays! They talk about girl friend/ boy friend in this age..! And he wanted to write her name too..
 Now, it is finished and left for drying. I  clicked a picture very soon, as he wanted that too..

I liked it myself.. 

Red rose..

 As, I have started glass painting, my little cousins are appreciating me for every piece I have made, and encouraging me to try the next. Last day, they asked me if I can make one for  them too.. To my bad luck, there was not glass piece left, and I had made one on a glass bottle. They were so happy getting this..

You like it...??

Cute pink fish..

My Love just love his aquariums (Ya, he got more than two!! ), and of-course his pet fishes. Some times that make me jealous too ;).  He used to sat near them and  watch them for some time. He says, that time, he get relaxed , and those fishes just keep him in peace (Not like me who is always irritating him with my rantings..).   Anyway, as he like them,  me also started liking keeping an aquarium. I simply dedicate this painting to my dear love..

It was made on a Tea glass. :) . I have send him the picture, and he liked it  :). I know, its simple, not that much a great work. But, he just loved it, and I love him for that..for what he make me feel..

Ohm Sree Ganeshaya Namah

    I have got fever, and was at home (It's a rare thing!!). As I can't sit idle (Yes, I have that bad habit :(    ), I was getting bored of doing nothing. Something got my attention. A wedding invitation card. There was a  picture of  'Ganapathi' . looked like this..

  I just tried to paint it ....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My second try in Glass painting

 When I have made the first painting, the making of the next was already in my mind. I made use of the time, when the first painting outline was kept for drying. This is what I have done then.