Sunday, February 12, 2012

Its a beginning...

    Wondering what to write in my first post...
          It was  at a moment ,I felt so lonely..and want to share my words to somebody very close to my heart. Unfortunately (or not) I could not find anybody suitable. Even, couldn't pour out it to my was just because I was feeling a little bit low.
        But, finally I decided to write here whatever I want to tell..The things that I feel strongly about..about my love, life and career..


  1. Very truly said Sikha, our blogs are the place where we are just plain "US" aways from being judged or ridiculed upon. This is the reason why I write too...

    Keep writing :)

  2. A wonderful idea and believe me when I say u'll never regret it , if anything it just gets addictive;-P

    Keep writing:-))!!!!!

  3. Very beautiful and a amazing platform you have encountered with. Just keep writing. You will know, whatever you chose is the best thing any one can offer!

    All the luck!


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