Saturday, May 4, 2013

Am I happy...?

Whenever I feel disturbed and feeling sad about something I used to ask myself. "am I happy?". This may sound crazy, but I then start list all the things I have to be happy about. And the number always exceeds the things that make me feel bad. It is just like this..

  I should be happy because.....

  • I have no physical ailment even though everyone says I am too..lean and weak and unhealthy. In my opinion, to be healthy doesn't mean that you have to be fatty, it is just the condition with out any illness.
  • I have a decent paying Job, which I am passionate about doing ever since I am a student.
  • I have a good family- my parents, siblings, and my love, even though there are some problems sometimes. We patch up all the times.!! :)
  • I have the world's best friends..-Lucky me :)
  • I have enough freedom to do anything at my will. Thanks to my parents.
..................................................................................... there can be many more persons who don't even get any one of the blessings I have got. Its not at all my own credit. I know that. and, I am thankful to him for all that I have now. God Almighty..

     Then,the current sadness will be washed away very soon realizing I have no time to be I have a lot more to be happy.. :) :)

   Friends,   "Are you happy...?"



  1. perfect!

    but what i have learned know... it doesn't matter for whatever is accomplished. ergo.. anyone can reach to anywhere one wish to...

    even after reaching we miss someone which was never meant to happen in life but has happened.

  2. Hey! Long time no see! :)

    That's the proper thing you do, when you look at all that you do have, reasons to be happy about, whenever you're feeling low. Perfect! :D

    Really, maybe what's making you sad is a very temporary thing, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. You may think it's huge, but maybe later on you'll laugh at it! ;)

    Stay happy and keep smiling! :)

    1. Hi Ashna, glad to meet you after a long time..

      you said the right thing..
      Keep smiling as in all of your pictures (except one)
      Take care..


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