Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reach out ‘13


   Last Week, was so busy for me. Not only for me, but also for all my colleagues @ college. We were conducting a one Week Workshop for the high school students. As you know, I am working in an Engineering college, and dealing with students elder and different than the school students. The management and the staff together had taken the program- named as “Reach out’13” as a social commitment, and that was a grand Success.
      The aim of the ‘Reach out 2013’ was to make the high school students aware of the technology in a practical aspect. We wanted to show and make them experience the things that they study in text books. We want them to understand the importance of technology in the day today life.  That too, in the most possible simple way. They should enjoy the session...
       When we first heard about this idea from the management, we were not sure whether this can really work. We really wondered, what we can arrange for them to explain and make them understand and enjoy completely. And worried about whether we can manage these kids, as we are not used to the students of their age. There may be over dynamic kids, and it can be difficult to control them since there can be a lot of safety issues in the lab (like, electric shock, or putting finger inside a working machine etc).
          Even though, we had doubts regarding “How this will work?”, we decided to go ahead with the plan. The first step was to convince the students so that they are ready to come and attend a workshop during their summer vacation. First, we have contacted the teachers in the nearby schools and invited them to our college, and conducted a workshop for one day. We have introduced the various laboratories and machines to them, and they found the session very interesting. We got very good feedback from them. They said, they would really like their students also get an opportunity of this kind.
            Thus, we have selected above 200 students from 10 schools and started working on the preparation. ...........

                                                                        To be continued...

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